About Watkins Renovations, LLC

Watkins Renovations, LLC was formed in 2005 when David Watkins began construction projects in Oregon.

Born in Portland and raised in Eastmoreland, David and his wife Christine lived in the San Francisco area for 20 years.  During that time, David worked in radio broadcasting, advertising agency management, software development, software systems specification and design, business change process management, and business systems implementation.  During their last 5 years in California, David and Christine began investing in real estate.  In 2003, David returned to his native Oregon, and began pursuing his real estate investing interests at home.

In addition to real estate investment, David also remodels properties for himself and for others.  David purchases the occasional house and does a complete interior remodel.  So far, each of his remodel projects have set new high prices in their respective neighborhoods. 

David also works on kitchen and bath remodels for others.  David's primary skill, besides project management and general contracting, is the detail work associated with intricate tile installations in showers and backsplashes, and hardwood floors.

Please review the pictures of some of our projects during the last few years in Oregon by clicking on the Past Projects link on the left.