Photos of Other Projects

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The cabinets for the wine cellar below were custom made to fit the space. 
There is room for approximately 60 cases of wine in the shelves, plus another 30 bottles on the display shelf. 
The variety of bin configurations creates ample space for full or partial cases, or single bottles.



This walk-in closet was originally a spare bedroom.  We built out the wall units,
installed island cabinets and put aromatic cedar floor around the perimeter. 
The design of the wall units can be scaled to any size and fit nicely in "normal" sized closets.


The entryway planter below was created from 2 old volcanic stone walls that were covered with the cultured stone you see, and capped with flagstone.  Two additional walls were built to create the enclosed space.

To create the space below, we raised a planting bed by creating a border, built the fence and laid
out the flagstone walkways around the new flowerbed.